Meet Ellen

“My Goal Is To Give People A Precious Gift. I Want To Help My Clients Create A Home That Is Warm And Comfortable And Beautiful — A Home That Will Make Them Happy.”

Ellen Hamilton has spent more than three decades helping clients create beautiful and personal homes for themselves. Her work has been featured in Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, and other leading design publications. She has been regularly included in New York Spaces magazine’s “Top 50 NY Metro Designers.”
From her current quarters in Manhattan overlooking historic Union Square, she works hand in hand with her clients to help them create beautiful, warm homes and helps them define what they love, creating spaces the deeply reflect their taste whilst introducing them to a plethora of different resources. She frequently travels to Europe to find unique products that she can bring to the attention of her American clients.
Ellen worked for over a decade with several leading architecture and design firms, including Peter Marino and Fox & Fowle Architects before founding Hamilton Design Associates. In 1996 she transferred her business to Brooklyn Heights, near her home in neighboring Cobble Hill as the borough was emerging as New York’s center for artisanship, home to the workshops of individuals who form the backbone of fine interior design. Now back in the city, she continues to rely on the work of these exemplary craftsmen, and her network of Brooklyn-based artisans and contractors is complemented by her own eclectic sources.


In Ellen’s Words

My philosophy is to be collegial, not dictatorial. I help people develop confidence in their ability to determine the look they want. My clients like nice things and want to be surrounded by beauty. But they need guidance. They don’t necessarily have the time, resources, or expertise to go it alone. This is where I come in...
In three wonderful decades as an interior designer, I’ve come to realize that there a recurrent theme; the “makeover” approach of designers with a single distinctive esthetic is often intimidating. They strongly prefer a collaborative process in which incremental and tasteful changes build on the personality created by their existing furnishings and other possessions. These clients want the kind of personal service that once characterized European-style decorating establishments. They want help to make their home more beautiful and more comfortable, but they want to proceed at their own pace and according to their own taste.
That’s where my abilities come in. Thanks to my extensive background and expertise I can help you achieve what you’re seeking. I know what your options are in terms of everything from sources to solutions. I can help you create the home you want.

What I Do: In a series of conversations and visits, I help clients articulate the look they’re seeking, and then I work with them to determine how best to achieve it. I ask clients to be involved because their involvement is the most important ingredient in what I do.
What I Don’t Do: I don’t unilaterally impose my vision. I’m not wedded to one look, or one esthetic, or one color palette. While I have a taste for brightness and drama, and can offer ideas as to how to achieve such an effect, the ultimate choice is the look the client wants. Every project is as individual as the people who will live there.